How to become a Sage

Tortus Mountain is a consumer-based review website for hemp products.  The hemp industry is creating new products everyday and the cost to try these products is expensive.

Tortus Mountain does not sell hemp products. Instead, we review as many hemp products as possible to discover: if the product works, how it works, why it works, how can it work better, and the best way to use it.

The reviewers are named Sages to thank them for their journey to find and experience the information.

The goal of the Tortus Mountain Sages is to help people, young and old, discover the beneficial effects of hemp products with factual, experiential, consumer-based information about the “effects and benefits” of each product.

The Sages of Tortus Mountain:
  • Try the products for themselves to experience how the “effects and benefits.”
  • Pass the products that work around to each other to gauge the effects within a small group of consumers.
  • Give the products to people to try who might benefit from trying the product.
  • Collect and write these Sage experiences into an information-focused review.
  • Magically, some of the reviews become short video reviews summarizing the longer written review

Enjoy your time exploring Tortus Mtn.  We hope you become a Sage.

How to Discover your “Sage Dosing Level”

Each of the Sage Reviewers has a “preferred milligram level,” based of their individual lifestyles.  The Sages “preferred milligram level” vary, 6 mg to 50 mg, to help consumers learn and understand how different people are affected at different times by full spectrum hemp extract products.  The Sages take the products themselves to discover if the product works and how it works.

The first thing any hemp extract consumer needs to know is what is their “individual dosing level.”  We surveyed daily hemp extract consumers and found the general spectrum is 5 mg – 50 mg.  What does this mean?  If the product is good, users will feel the effects around 10 mg.  Most people tend to feel more relaxed and euphoric around 20 mg.  As the dosing gets toward 25 mg – 50 mg, lethargy and sleep are sure to happen.  With micro-doses of hemp oil 5 mg – 10 mg, the body relaxes, encouraging blood flow, and a boost of relaxing energy or euphoria can be felt.  The higher doses are for those with deeper needs of pain, anxiety, extreme inflammation, and sleep.

Please email us any questions, products you’d like us to review, and feel free to leave a comment if you like the information. 

The Sages of Tortus Mountain are here for you.

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