Palmetto Harmony’s 10 mg Spectrum Capsules

Palmetto Harmony was found to help treat children with seizure conditions.  Janel Ralph is the mother of Harmony and founder of the company.  She founded the company to create a natural option for parents and children with seizures.  I think this formula was built to treat muscle conditions and inflammation.  This is a low dosage formula that is for people who need the nutritional benefits of hemp, muscle relaxing effects, and calming effects.  This formula was made by mothers for children with seizures and the “smooth brain” condition.

Palmetto Harmony’s gel caps are a beginner’s level dose at 10 mg each.  There are 600 mg of hemp extract per bottle.  I took one in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening before bed. I found the gel caps to be more relaxing than up-lifting. Taking multiple gel caps at a time could make you feel a little sleepy.

I felt like this formula helped relive some of my symptoms from depression and anxiety.

If you are needing immediate relief you can chew the gel cap up to make sure it absorbs faster. The flavor of the gelcap is buttery and earthy. The carrier oil in this formula is an MCT oil.

What’s nice about the 10 mg pills is if you need to increase your dosage level because your body needs more relief, it’s easy to do.  30 mg is 3 gel caps.  If you find yourself needing closer to 50 mg per dose, then finding a stronger formula with a cheaper price point is needed.  This company evolved from it’s research and beginning formulas focused on treating seizure conditions in children to making formulas for adults.  They have a tincture that is 20 mg of per dropper and this is a better option for folks who are committed to this brand, but might need a higher milligram level.

Palmetto Harmony’s Spectrum Capsules are a good micro-dose of CBD rich full spectrum hemp extract.  From the 50 reviews we’ve done, this is one of the few 10 mg full spectrum gel caps on the market.  Most companies and manufacturers are selling 15 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg gel caps.  The Spectrum Capsules were created as a natural option for children with seizure conditions. 

Price: Higher price per milligram than other formulas.  $129.00 for 60-10mg gelcaps.  600 mg per bottle.
Ingredients: MCT Oil, hemp extract
Extraction Type: Proprietary, Cool Ethanol
Company Type: regional, South Carolina based
Characteristics: Relaxing, Grounding
Average Dose: 10 mg per gelcap

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