UnCanny Wellness 50 mg Water Soluble Hemp Extract Capsules

The 50 mg water soluble hemp extract capsule from UnCanny Wellness is the REAL DEAL.  This formula has real healing power that you can feel 5-10 minutes after swallowing one.  Make sure to drink an extra couple glasses of water, just to make sure you got enough fluids in your stomach.  Or break this pill open and put it in a smoothie.. 

This formula absorbs quickly and is for people who know the benefits of hemp extract and need the strength to fight the demons of pain and anxiety.  This pill will DESTROY the demons of pain and anxiety.

The effects are extreme mood enhancement (If you’re miserable, this will bring a smile to your face 100% guaranteed), extreme pain relief for deep healing relief (menstruation cramps, extreme muscle recovery, some folks have taken it after getting a tooth pulled), and to help create a joyful setting to reset a vicious work week. (kick back and relax with a couple friends who like to BBQ, hike, frisbee golf, or play chess at a cafe).  The effects last for 5-6 hours.  This is a strong formula and the most important thing is to enjoy the calming, focusing, and energizing effects.  Destroy the pain and anxiety demons.

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The main ingredients are a cold-pressed hemp juice powder and the water-soluble hemp extract powder (made of modified food starch, full-spectrum co2 hemp extract, organic acacia fiber, xanthan gum). Each pill has an exact dose of 50 mg of CBD. and 3.25 mg of natural terpenes.  The cold-pressed hemp juice powder add some CBDA to this formula, which studies have shown is extremely effective in treating nausea and vomiting.

This combination of raw ingredients and phytocannabinoids make this pill highly effective for anxiety, lack of motivation, headaches, body aches, and menstrual cramps and pain. The 50 mg capsule from UnCanny Wellness has been shown to be good fit for menstrual cramps and pain.  The founder of the company mentioned his “better half” takes 50 mg for cramps. 

The effects are immediate, unlike tinctures which can take longer to absorb by the body and are not as bio-available as UnCanny Wellness’s water soluble hemp products. 

If you really need deep relief, take one 50 mg capsule of water soluble hemp and take a full spectrum hemp extract tincture.  By combining these two formulas, you’ll get immediate relief and a longer relief ( a time release effect) to help you get through the long days.  This is for deep, deep relief for extreme conditions.

This formula also has naturally occurring terpenes.  Studies have shown terpenes add to the benefits of the full spectrum hemp extracts.  This is an added bonus.

The water soluble full spectrum hemp extract is a micro-encapsulated oil put into a powder form.  The powder form allows the body to break it down, absorb it, and quickly deliver the benefits.  The effects last for 5-6 hours. 

There are smaller ways to breakdown and deliver hemp extracts like nano-encapsulation, but the smaller the particle the quicker your body processes the hemp extract, and the shorter the effects last.  UnCanny Wellness’s micro-encapsulation technique seems to be a good middle ground for people who want the effective benefits of hemp.

The effects of this “Real Deal” formula are extreme mood enhancement, extreme pain relief (cramps, menstrual pain, getting your wisdom teeth pulled, and sports injuries), and if you just want to hang out with old and new friends who just want to let the “good times roll.”

I went to sleep with ease, 6 hours after taking the 50 mg capsule.  I slept like a log, woke up early, and my brain felt refreshed and ready to “conquer the world.” 

If there was a TRUTH among all the hemp products in the world, the UnCanny Wellness 50 mg hemp extract capsule is definitely one of the them.  And remember to drink a couple of extra glasses of water to ensure optimal absorption of the truth.

Price: $149.99 for a bottle of  30 x 50 mg capsules.  1500 mg of full spectrum hemp extract in the bottle.  This bottle is pricey, but offers a quality product that delivers effects you can feel.
Ingredients: Cold-pressed Hemp Juice Powder, Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Powder (modified food starch, full-spectrum co2 hemp extract, organic acacia fiber, xanthan gum)
Extraction Type: CO2 extracted, micro-encapsulated full spectrum hemp extract proprietary process
Company Type:  Health and wellness-centered water soluble hemp extract powder products.
Characteristics: quick absorption, calmness, pain relief, energy, motivation, affects last 3-4 hours
Average dose: Each pill has an exact dose of 50 mg of CBD. 3.25 mg of naturally occurring terpenes.

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