Ananda 15mg Gel Capsules

Ananda is a Kentucky-based company and most of their research was done in Australia.  They’re part American and Australian owned.

Ananda has a proprietary blend of cannabinoids in there full spectrum hemp extract including CBD, CBN, CBDV, CBG, THCV.  This blend of cannabinoids creates a very light, energetic, and focusing effect with one 15 mg gel cap. (Most full spectrum hemp extract product have a wide variety of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids.)  

Ananda highlights it’s proprietary blend of phytocannabinoids and we’re happy they did because it helps educate consumers.

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I took 2 gel caps for a total dose of 30 mg and it was great for studying, office work, staying focus and graceful through stressful tasks.  The feeling felt like a really good cup of fresh coffee (freshly roasted, freshly brewed) and lasted for 6-8 hours. I felt calm and relaxed, and at moments there were slight peaks of happiness.  I really liked this light and happy feeling. I think the Ananda’s blend of naturally occurring hemp cannabinoids is good for anxiety and depression, especially at the 30 mg dosage level. I think if you take one 15 mg gel caps, the anti-anxiety effect will decrease.

The Ananda Hemp 15 mg gel caps do not have any terpenes according to their certificate of analysis.  That’s fine, this unique blend of proprietary hemp phytocannabinoids contained in Ananda Hemp’s 15 mg gel caps is a wonderful daily formula for working professionals in stressful environments and anybody else who needs to stay focused, but can’t drink coffee all day long.

I really like that Ananda made a $5 packet of 2 x 15 mg gel caps.  This is an affordable way to see if full spectrum hemp extract products might benefit you.  The bottle of 30 x 15 mg gel caps is an expensive product. If you like this product, but can’t afford the price it’s okay.  

Any gel cap that is full spectrum with terpenes will be a good substitute for the Ananda Hemp 15 mg Gel cap.  The terpenes help deliver the deeper effects of the full spectrum hemp oil.

Studies have shown:

CBDV is an anti-convulsive and stimulates bone growth.

THCV is good for PTSD, panic attacks, anti-inflammation, stimulates bone growth, appetite suppression, and reduces tremors in problems with brain motor function. (Note:  THCV is not THC. THCV comes from wild hemp in South Africa and similar regions of the world.)

CBG is an analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, and anti-fungal.

CBN is an analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-convulsive, anti-inflammatory, and helps with sleep.


Mid-level, price varies from mid level to higher end depending on quantity


Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Extraction Type:

proprietary extraction process

Company Type:  

Kentucky-based hemp company with partners in Australia


Extremely focusing, Calming, Increases circulation

Average dose:

1 gel cap is 15 mg.  1 packet contains 2 x 15 mg gel caps

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