Bluebird Botanicals Gel 450 mg Bottle, 15 mg Capsule

The 15 mg Hemp Extract capsules are one of my favorite products from Bluebird Botanicals. If taste is an issue for you, than this is the product for you to try out of Bluebird’s line up.

It is a hemp extract combined with hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. Their gel capsule is affordable and delivers a convenient alternative to tincture products. This product is a lighter dose at 15 mg. I was taking one in the morning and one before bed.

Buy the BlueBird Botanicals gel caps from the source. Thanks for supporting hemp education.

Bluebirds gel-caps have a good all around effect on the body. I noticed my joints feeling better the next day. They also have some antispasmodic properties. I gave a few of these to my friend, he took it because he was going through a very stressful time. He twitches while he is falling asleep and after taking two 15 mg gel capsules he didn’t twitch at all. He felt relaxed, and his joints and muscles felt rested.  He also mentioned that he felt like his circulation was better throughout his body because of less inflammation. My friend is a touring musician. He’s a horn player and I can only imagine the shoulder pain from traveling and long tours.

The lab report from Bluebird Botanicals shows this formula has extra cannabinoids from hemp: CBD, CBDV, CBC, CBDA, CBGA

We think these extra cannabinoids help with the muscle and joint relaxation effects.


Affordable to Average


*Hemp Seed Oil, *Hemp Extract, Glycerin, Gelatin, Purified Water. *Organically Grow

Extraction Type:

Ethanol/ Alcohol


Colorado-based company, Products Manufacturer, Sold in Retail chains across US.


muscle relaxation, joint relaxing, anti-spasmodic, sleep aid, relaxing, calming

Average Dose:

15mg per capsule.  2 capsules is 30 mg.

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