Clarify 1,000 mg Hemp Tincture by Functional Remedies

This is a nice addition to their line.  If the Clarify 500 mg has effects that you can feel a little too much, then this is a good way to tone it down.  The 1000 mg formula is a step down in relaxation with no compromise on healing impacts. Even though there is a higher milligram level, the CO2 extraction process changes the effects on the body.

The  body processes the ingredients slower and the full effects can be felt 24 hours after consuming.  This is a good formula for folks who want slower time release effects from a daily formula and longer lasting impacts.  Any CO2 full spectrum hemp oil formulas will have this “time-release” like effect. This formula might take longer to get into the body but has deeper relief effects with less potential of a maximum dose and creating a sleepy or tired effect.

I gave the CO2 formula, a full dropper to an older gentleman with back problems, he expected to feel relief immediately and was disappointed.  But then he woke up the next day and his back didn’t hurt. I think it makes a lot of sense that you can use this product daily.

Buy the Clarify 1,000 mg tincture from the creators.  Thanks for supporting hemp education.

On the other hand, I gave a full dropper to a punk rock writer/publisher in his mid 20’s, and he was already familiar with the product.  He smiled and said, he liked this formula a lot, “A full dropper made him feel good within 15 minutes. I think depending on the metabolism and the activity of the human, a high dosage of this will definitely create a relaxed feeling in the body and muscles.

I took a full dropper to see for myself and I was able to feel a calm forward moving energy where my mind was decluttered.  The energy doesn’t build to euphoria like other brands, but instead the energy grows into an ability to focus. Strangely the name sums this one up, Clarify.  

This 1000 mg formula has a clarity in it’s calmness.


Affordable to Average.  Better price point than the Clarify 500 mg Reserve.  If you can micro-dose this product, 5 -10 mg doses, you’ll get a lot of value out of this as a daily dose.


Hemp Oil Extract, Hemp Seed Oil

Extraction Type:


Company Type:

Large Scale manufacturer, Created by someone in Revlon


Anti-Inflammation, Pain, relaxing feeling, anti-anxiety, calming,

Average dose:

dropper is 25mg. 40 doses per bottle.

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