Delta Botanicals Coconut Oil with 200 mg of CBD Isolate

Not only does this product help you incorporate hemp into your diet,  but it also serves to moisturize skin.  At first, I was intimidated by this product because there is such a wide range of things you can do with it. Honestly, it left me at a loss on where to start.

I took one teaspoon, and the flavor was neutral with a slight coconut aftertaste. The oil is clear. I think this is an isolate-based product versus a full spectrum hemp extract product.  Isolate-based products can be mixed with full spectrum hemp extract products to increase the effects of the full spectrum hemp extract products.  

The clean flavor of this product makes it a great choice to add to desserts, chocolate bark, salad dressings, hummus, bulletproof coffee, and smoothies. This product is good when experimenting with recipes that have naturally occurring terpenes in the ingredients. Delta Botanicals Coconut Oil helps to bring out the healing power of the food.  The fractionated coconut oil helps it mix smoothly into drinks and food.

The next morning, I took the Delta Botanicals coconut oil to the coffee shop and asked the barista to take 1 tablespoon and add it to an eight ounce bullet proof coffee.  I drank it quickly, within ten minutes, a relaxed, calm, and energized feeling started to build in my body. The effects lasted for 3-4 hours.

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The fractionated coconut oil also helps the CBD absorb quickly into the body.  I felt a quick onset of the effects. I think the fractionated coconut helps the body metabolize this product faster than other hemp extract products.

Even though it’s an edible product, I decided to also apply it externally. I rubbed it on some of the drier parts of my feet and legs.  I applied a lot of it and had to put socks on to make sure the extra oil wouldn’t drip onto the carpet or my bed.  It worked great. It hydrated my skin quickly, and I think the addition hemp-derived CBD helped with anti-fungal side affects of athletes foot.  I was really impressed at the moisturizing and penetrating effect of the fractionated coconut oil.

The Delta Botanical coconut oil with hemp-derived CBD is a good product for people who like to cook, eat good food, and want to add something special to their next potluck with friends.

1 tablespoon is 15 mg.  If you’re making food for a potluck, try to offer your guests portion sizes of 5 mg or 10 mg in the final dish.

It’s a good product to have around the kitchen or to use as a skincare product.  I was impressed with the what it did for my dry skin. I might even try to use it as a deep conditioner for my scalp and dry hair just because it worked so well on my other dry skin.


affordable, good way to eat CBD


fractionated coconut oil, CBD extract from hemp

Extraction Type:  

From the information on Delta Botanicals website, it’s unclear if it’s isolate or full spectrum hemp extract product. We think it’s an isolate, based on the clear color of the oil in the bottle.

Company Type: 

Large scale products manufacturer of e-juice, tinctures, and edible hemp products


clear headed, motivating, anti-anxiety, calming, adds a whole new level to cooking with hemp products.

Average dose:

1 tablespoon is 15 mg of CBD.  Try to make the final food dish in portion sizes of 5 mg – 10 mg. This is a good place to start with this product.


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