Evo HempX 500mg Tincture

The Evo HempX was created in partnership with Alex WhitePlume of the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux.  This formula is grounding, energizing, and has a time release aspect to the effects. The effects last 6-8 hours.

This product has a terpene rich CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil and hemp seed oil.  The terpenes and hemp oils create an earthy, natural, cherry, pine flavor.

I ate breakfast before taking 1.5 droppers of this oil.  My preferred dose is around 20mg when trying a CO2 extracted product for the first time.  The effects slowly started and went into full bloom 45 min. to 1 hour after taking it. The main effect that immediately stood out was that of feeling extremely grounded.  My eyes and brain felt relaxed and cooled down, which is probably due to the presence of CBG and CBN in the full spectrum hemp extract.

The HempX formula grounded my body, mind, and spirit into the daily flow and helped me focus as the chaos of the day passed me by.  For a daily formula this a good choice because of the time release effects, calming energy, and because every sale supports the building of the Oglala Sioux economy and hemp industry.  You can feel this mission in the consumer friendly pricing of the Evo HempX products. They want you to support the special mission the Native American struggle as well as the hemp movement in general. Heal yourself, feel the history, and support a culture.  The Evo HempX 500mg tincture stands out in the sea of products we’ve reviewed, and we have to take our hats off and give “RESPECT.”

One characteristic of full spectrum extracted CO2 hemp oil is it absorbs over time and the full power of the effects can be felt 24 hours after taking it.  

Some hemp extract products create a quick onset of the effects by mixing the hemp oil extract with other carrier oils like MCT, coconut oil, and any oils the body can digest.  The HempX formula uses hemp seed oil.

What’s nice about hemp seed oil is it’s nutritious and the body absorbs it a little slower. This is exactly what gives the Evo HempX formula the nice time release effect.  This is a surprise and something folks who work in professional atmospheres will like. It will also appeal to nutrition-focused people who enjoy the physical effects of adaptogens.  This formula feels like taking a nice adaptogen with the added bonus of terpenes.

The Evo HempX formula has terpenes in it.  These help deliver the calm sense of grounding relaxation.  There are over 200 terpenes in the hemp plant. Sixty of the most common hemp terpenes are being studied for health benefits such as appetite suppression, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, muscle cramps, insomnia, anti-inflammation, anti-anxiety, bronchial dilation, and anti-fungal.  The Evo HempX formula has a naturally occurring blend of 30 terpenes.

Another use I found for this was as a skincare product.  I have a couple small skin spots and irritated areas that never seem to heal.  I’ve found that some oils work better than others, but this one works well. I just use drop on each spot. They’re small.  I’ve been using it for 5 days and the skin spots/dry spots are starting to go away. I think it works because the HempX has moisturizing hemp seed oil and full spectrum hemp extract with terpenes.  All good things for skin conditions.

In short, you can feel this one.  It’s grounding and focusing. This is a good daily formula for all the right reasons and it has a couple bonus skincare uses.


Very affordable.  One of the best priced and most effective product with naturally occurring terpenes.


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Hemp Seed Oil

Extraction Type:


Company Type:

 Food Company, Small Business, National distribution in over 4,000 retailers


slow time release effect, calming, relaxing, controlled and well paced energy

Average dose:

1 dropper is 12.5mg. This is a good starting dose.  If this is too much, 1/2 a dropper is a good daily dose to keep cannabinoids in the system to help inflammation. Maximum dose effects: too relaxed and you want to take a nap (30mg and over is the starting dose to get the sleepy effects of this formula)

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