Hemp Connex 1000 mg Tincture

Hemp Connex is a family-based business that consumes the products they create.  Their formulations are made to push the limit of what the market is offering. They have another line of products that are spagyric extracted formula which is “the most medicinal and powerful” extraction method we’ve come across as reviewers.  According to Wikipedia, the spagyric “procedures involve fermentationdistillation, and extraction of mineral components from the ash of the plant.”  On top of this, they have a mission to spread the benefits of hemp products to places that need it, and their pricing reflects this mission.  This company has changed names to Sunshine.  They evolved the company so they can keep the same quality, but have more products to offer folks.

The foundation of Hemp Connex is their Daily Connex tinctures.  The tinctures are made with a terpene-rich CO2 extracted oil mixed with MCT oil for quick absorption into the body.  The Daily Connex comes in two flavors, mint and orange

I really like the mint flavor of this formula, and I believe they’re constantly evolving their formula for the best possible effects. The flavor of this formula is refreshing and leaves you with fresh breath. I enjoyed chasing it with coffee. The flavor was that of a mint chocolate ice cream.

The mood of this formula is clear-headed and focused. It is a very light tincture with floral notes.  I notice the calming and focusing effects within 15 minutes of taking a full dropper. The dropper in Hemp Connex products is marked with measurement which was helpful for me to find the perfect dosage level. One dropper took the edge off.

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The next time I tried it, I took 3/4 of a dropper, waited two hours, and then took another 3/4 dropper.

It was light and not over powering,  I noticed no overdose effects, just calm, clear-minded, semi-euphoric, but not overwhelming.  It was like a calm breeze blowing through my body, carrying me through the afternoon.

I tried some on my roommate who is a touring musician and graphic designer.  He confirmed this formula has anti-anxiety and stress benefits, mood improvement, and the feeling stayed more in the head feeling and less in the body.

The MCT oil used helps the CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp oil cross the blood brain barrier quicker.  I think this is what helps with the anxiety relief, along with the full spectrum cannabinoids contained in the hemp oil. The full spectrum hemp oil that Hemp Connex uses has a higher CBG content than other formulas.  According to studies, CBG is the cannabinoid that can relieve ocular pressure from glaucoma, protects the brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s and MS, provides anxiety and pain relief, and helps with inflammation due to auto-immune conditions.

Some full spectrum hemp oil product can be felt in the eyes and the brain more due to the benefits of the cannabinoid spectrum in the final formulation.  Hemp Connex is a good all around formula for anxiety and daily dosing. I like that it’s fast acting and you can adjust the affects if you need more calm, or less calm.

There was no feeling of lethargy or grogginess when taking this formula.

1 full dropper (1 mL) is 15-17 mg.  15 mg is a good starting dose.


Affordable to Average. This company is great when it comes to pricing a quality product for all consumers.


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Terpenes, MCT Oil, Mint or Orange natural flavors

Extraction Type:

CO2 extraction

Company Type:  

Boutique formulator, small to medium size small business, family owned and operated


energizing, relaxes the brain and the eyes, euphoria, pain relief

Average dose:

15 mg is a good starting dose for this formula. Maximum dose effects: too energizing (like too much coffee), extreme pain relief (Before bedtime, 50-100mg is a good dose for strong pain relief)

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