Hemp Connex Tincture 500 mg

The mixture of full spectrum hemp oil, terpenes, and MCT oil make this product a wonderful tool to help relieve pain, inflammation, and create an extreme sense of relaxation.  The flavored options are good, and it’s natural. The company sources from places that do full plant extractions, which gives the end product a bigger spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients.  This company has changed it’s name to Sunshine in order to create a more diverse range of products for CBD and hemp lovers.

One of the founders and formulators has Hashimoto’s disease and is extremely selective when picking ingredients to put into their products.

My stepdad takes this product for his knee pain, and my mom likes it to take the edge off of her nerves.  She’s a high-wired short Asian lady with a lot of zip. As a younger, mid-30’s male, I like this formula after working out or after long work week. This is because it is perfect to help remediate sore muscles and back pain.  I don’t have any chronic conditions, just soreness from a tough work week.

If you want to sleep, double your daytime dose, and this formula will help you get a good night’s rest.  A normal dose will help relieve stress throughout the day. To experience more energy from this formula—I know it sounds strange—take 1/4 of you’re average dose.  Something happens when you micro-dose this formula, and it’s a nice “flow state” that helps get stuff done in a cloud of calm energy.

The lab tests for this formula ensure this product has the exact amount of CBD as promised.  I like this formula because you can feel the relief. This formula is more sedating than other hemp oil products on the market due to it’s consistent and high CBD formulation.  Hemp Connex is a good formula if you’re looking for something with more calming and relaxation effects than euphoria. If you’re an athlete, this formula is a good restoration choice as it’s ingredients and well sourced by the founders.  

Click here to buy the Daily Connex Formula from the source.  Thank you for supporting hemp education.


Very affordable.  One of the best priced and most effective product with naturally occurring terpenes.


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Hemp Seed Oil

Extraction Type:


Company Type:

Food Company, Small Business, National distribution in over 4,000 retailers


slow time release effect, calming, relaxing, controlled and well paced energy

Average dose:

One dropper is 12.5 mg. This is a good starting dose.  If this is too much, 1/2 a dropper is a good daily dose to keep cannabinoids in the system to help inflammation. Maximum dose effects: too relaxed and you want to take a nap (30 mg and over is the starting dose to get the sleepy effects of this formula)

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