Pure Hemp Botanicals 1500 mg Isolate Tincture

Pure Hemp Botanicals 1500mg Isolate Tinture is an interesting product. I like that the taste of this formula is very subtle and slightly bitter. So, if you’re put off by bad flavored hemp oils, then this is your formula. I noticed improved energy and focus while using this product. I also did a really strenuous leg workout and noticed little to no soreness afterward. It is also very clear-headed, works to improve mood, while balancing the body and mind.

This product is approved for all 50 state use because it contains a CBD isolate, instead of a full spectrum hemp oil. This product is not a full spectrum hemp extract product.  The difference between an isolate based product and a full spectrum hemp extract product is the number of cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients in the final product.

A CBD isolate-based product has just one cannabinoid, CBD, with no extra cannabinoids.  These products are good for states with strict laws on having CBD products with zero THC.  The isolate based products are the safest for retailers to sell in states with stricter laws.

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The full spectrum hemp products have CBD and hundreds of other terpenes, cannabinoids, and phyto-cannabinoids.  Full spectrum hemp extract products have more medicinal effects than CBD isolate products. But this isn’t the full story.  Isolate-based products can be extremely beneficial if you know your exact symptoms.

And the coolest this about isolate-based products is they enhance the effectiveness of full spectrum hemp oil product.

CBD acts as a cheerleader for the other cannabinoids.  The Pure Hemp Botanicals 1500mg tinctures, when used in conjunction with a full spectrum hemp extract, will increase the effectiveness of the full spectrum hemp oil.  

Simply, it amps up the power and strength of a full spectrum hemp extract.  For folks with extreme pain, anxiety, or chronic conditions, the combination of a full spectrum hemp oil product and an isolate-based product, can be extremely helpful and beneficial.

This combination of products is recommended for folks who need extra strength relief in their lives.


Average price.


CBD Isolate, organic hemp seed oil

Extraction Type:

seems like isolate

Company Type:  

Large Scale manufacturer, Front Range Colorado


Anti-inflammation, pain relief, clear-headed,  stimulation, anti-anxiety, improved mood, improved focus

Average dose:

Full dropper for 50mg for the 1500mg, I used ½ dropper daily for 25mg Maximum dose effects:  possible delay to sleepiness

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