Pure Kind 1500 mg Wellness Nectar Tincture

Pure Kind Botanicals 1500 mg tincture represents the top of the mountain for hemp oil users.  This formula most likely has a higher CBG content than other tinctures on the market. You can feel a relaxing sensation in the eyes that isn’t present in other formulas.  A quick search Leafly.com reveals CBG is helpful for relieving eye pressure, IBS symptoms, brain cell regeneration/protection, anti-bacterial, and many more beneficial uses.  

I think all products from Pure Kind Botanicals will have a higher CBG content as they have a deep commitment to technology and have some good scientist researching cannabinoids and the various uses of hemp.

This formula helps with anxiety, depression, anti-inflammation, brain healing, and some skin problems.

This formula brings a euphoria and creates a better mood and outlook. Using this hemp oil, I’ve experienced a sense of joyful relaxation that made the day a wonderful experience.  If you do any exercise, this formula is a great workout enhancer. Take 1/2 of your normal dose before a workout.

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The process used to make this product is a slow ethanol extraction (food grade alcohol), yielding a magical full spectrum hemp oil with a cannabinoid rich spectrum.  The alcohol is evaporated off, leaving a clean, residue free, full spectrum hemp extract. Due to their product formulation this company has set the bar for the “magical” effects of hemp oil tinctures.

Micro-dose to find your perfect mg level.  1 drop is 2-3 mg. 7-10 drops is a good place to start.  1 full dropper takes you to another place of healing relaxation.  Effects can be felt in 15 minutes.

The 1500 mg tincture from Pure Kind Botanicals is a must have for the serious hemp oil users.  This product is straight from the mountain top and will ignite a presence inside of you for joyful action.  


Top shelf, higher end. Anytime this is on sale, buy it. One of the most premium tinctures on the market.


Non GMO Coconut Oil, Organic Full Spectrum Hemp seed Oil,  MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Extraction Type:

Ethanol, low pressure

Company Type:  

Owner/Operator, Research and Development Facility, Large Scale Processor, Front Range Colorado


Anti-Inflammation, Pain, relaxing feeling, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, stimulating, euphoria, Organic

Average dose:  

3 mg per drop.  Suggested dose 10-20 mg, 7 drops.  25 mg is a good does for stimulating activity and euphoria. Maximum dose effects:  euphoric relaxation leading into sleep

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