Pure Kind Botanicals 3000 mg Wellness Nectar Tincture

Pure Kind Botanicals is one of the finest formulators and creators in the tinctures market place  They have great scientist and thinkers, constantly thinking about the next products made from hemp.  This level of integrity helps them create some of the cleanest products available.

The Pure Kind 3000 mg tinctures was created to help people with extreme conditions or people who want a strong dose with just a couple drops.  This 3000 mg is literally saturated with the highest amount of full spectrum hemp oil possible in a bottle. The formula is terpene rich as an added bonus.  

The full spectrum hemp extract is created with a slow extraction method using ethanol.(food grade alcohol that evaporates off, leaving the full plant extract behind)

This powerful tincture is fast-acting and resolves acute symptoms quickly and effectively.

Within 10 minutes of taking 1/4 dropper, I felt an overwhelming joy and chattiness that melted away social anxiety with ease.  For lack of a better term, “It was like a Friday, and I was ready to go out for the night.”

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My energy levels were through the roof, which means the formula quickly reduced inflammation and increased circulation to give me a boost of energy.

The flavor is very floral and strong and this is to be expected with 3000 mg per bottle.

The effects are amazing definitely a “mountain top experience.” There are definitely side effects if you take too much of this formula.

I gave a full dropper to my friend, 100 mg, and he was on his way to start freelance work for one of his clients.  Within 15 minutes, he quickly realized that he didn’t want to go work into an office for the whole day. He decided he needed to go for a walk because he got a boost of energy and creativity from the above average dose of full spectrum hemp oil.  Later he called me from the walk, and said he walked an extra mile, and then decided to do all of his computer work at the coffee shop. I wished him luck, and realized that he got extremely focused and energized after taking the dropper of Pure Kind Botanicals 3000 mg.

This formula has extreme anxiety relief effects and at dosage levels between 30-75 mg, might be something to try for depression.

There is quality, boldness, and clear effectiveness from Pure Kind Botanicals products.

After reviewing so many products, we always come back to the Pure Kind Botanicals products as the industry standard for effects and product integrity.  

Simply, the great minds at Pure Kind Botanicals produce great formulas.  We hope to see more products from this company.


Top Shelf. This is one of the cleanest most potent products on the market


Full spectrum hemp extract, MCT Oil

Extraction Type:

Ethanol Alcohol (Food grade alcohol extraction technique, which produces an effective and easily to digest formula for the body.)

Company Type:  

Technology, Processor, Research and Development, Front Range Colorado


Euphoria, stress and anxiety relief, help with brain fatigue, increases metabolism and appetite, pain relief, anti-inflammation, organic

Average dose:

1 full dropper (1 mL) is 100 mg.  1/2 dropper (.50 ML) is 50 mg. 1/4 dropper (.25 ml) is 25mg.  10-20 mg is a good starting dose. That’s 1/8th or 1/10th of a full dropper.  This formula is concentrated and it is helpful to know your “preferred milligram level” before taking over 30 mg of this formula.

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