Pure Kind Botanicals Manna Body Butter Topical

I tried the unscented Manna Body Butty by Pure Kind Botanicals.  At first glance and touch, it’s extremely uniform and smooth. The color is a cloudy white.

After rubbing it on my skin, the body butter melted away into clean moisture.  And the most amazing part, there was no smell. This product doesn’t smell grassy or earthy after it dries.

Hemp skin products can be broken down into two main categories, a skin care product with extra benefits or a pain relief cream.  This is a super high end skin care product with the benefits of extreme skin healing/moisturizing and protection.

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I rubbed it on one hand, not the other one, to see if the products really works.  4 hours later, the hand with Manna Body Butter on it looked and felt soft. The other hand was rougher, due to the drying effect of the mountain air.

The unscented cream isn’t greasy and absorbs better than the other products we’ve tested.  I’m really impressed with the level of research, development, and technology that went into making this cream.  If you constantly have to treat a chronic skin condition, and don’t need the extra smell interfering with the benefits of the cream, then the Manna Body Butter is for you.


Average to higher end, but the product uses the highest quality organic ingredients. This is a special product from a special company.


MCT oil, organic avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, organic apricot oil, vitamin E oil, and full spectrum hemp extract

Extraction Type:

ethanol alcohol (food grade alcohol), proprietary method

Company Type:  

Technology, Processor, Research and Development


Skin moisturizer, promotes healthy skin, light and fluffy texture, there are 2 scents, lemongrass and unscented, low dosage level of CBD, Organic

Average dose:

 Use as needed on all body parts.

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