Restorative Botanicals RestoreRelief Muscle and Joint Cream

I felt relief within 10 minutes of using the RestoreRelief. I have chronic neck pain from a car accident (5 years ago), and I’m always looking for natural things with pain relieving effects to rub on it.

I like the way it smells and the texture is nice. The steamed distilled herbs give this topical a light floral smell. I really appreciate the ingredients of this topical are organic and high-quality.

The full spectrum hemp oil used is CO2 extracted, providing deep penetrating pain relief, over 24 hours.

I would like it if the container clearly labeled how many milligrams of hemp extract were in the RestoreRelief and Restorative Botanical’s Comfort Hand and Body cream, for clarity.  

Click here to buy the RestoreRelief Cream directly from Restorative Botanicals.  Please share this review to support hemp education.

I’ve learned there are different effectiveness levels based off of the “total milligram” levels in skin products and deeper relieving muscle and joint creams.  Skin products with any hemp extract can have some benefits to the skins health. For me, I’ve learned that anything under 100 mg is a good skin product that will nourish my skin.  

If I need something that works for my recurring pain spots (calves, lower back, neck, shoulders), then I look for creams with 400 mg and above.

Having said that,  “I do feel like the formula is fairly potent as there was relief from my old “car crash” injury in my neck and shoulders.”

The Restore Relief Muscle and Joint cream has calendula oil, which has good antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. And it also contains, sunflower seed oil which promotes healthy skin growth.




Calendula, Sunflower Seed Oil, Hemp Extract, Organic Bulgarian Lavender, Organic German Chamomile, and Organic Peppermint

Extraction Type:

CO2 full spectrum hemp extract

Company Type:

Colorado based, Large scale product manufacturer


Pain relief, Light scent, Smooth texture, Anti-inflammation

Average Dose:

Use as needed

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