UnCanny Wellness 25 mg Water Soluble Hemp Extract Capsules

This product is perfect for people who need the effects of full spectrum hemp extract within 5-10 minutes of taking the pill with food.  The calming, centering, energizing, motivating effects last for 3-4 hours.

The main ingredients are a cold-pressed hemp juice powder and the water-soluble hemp extract powder (made of modified food starch, full-spectrum co2 hemp extract, organic acacia fiber, xanthan gum). Each pill has an exact dose of 25 mg of CBD. 1.25 mg of CBDA.  And 1 mg of naturally occurring terpenes. 

This combination of raw ingredients and phytocannabinoids make this pill highly effective for anxiety, lack of motivation, head aches, body aches, and mild menstrual cramps and pain. (The 50 mg capsule from UnCanny Wellness has been shown to be good fit for menstrual cramps and pain.)  The effects are immediate, unlike tinctures which can take longer to absorb by the body and are not as bio-available as UnCanny Wellness’s water soluble hemp products.

The 25 mg water soluble full spectrum hemp extract from UnCanny Wellness is an effective way to get the benefits of hemp extract in an easy to absorb way.

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The water soluble full spectrum hemp extract is a micro-encapsulated oil put into a powder form.  The powder form allows the body to break it down, absorb it, and quickly deliver an energized, motivated, forward-moving experience for 3-4 hours. 

There are smaller ways to breakdown and deliver hemp extracts like nano-encapsulation, but the smaller the particle the quicker your body processes the hemp extract, and the shorter the effects last.  Micro-encapsulation seems to be a good middle ground for now.

I took one 25 mg capsule on a full stomach (after an organic hamburger).  The effects began in 5 minutes.  I was unmotivated, feeling “poopy” for lack of better words, and I had some late night work to do.  I took the pill with a cup of coffee around 9 pm to start my computer work for the night. 5-10 minutes in, my mood shifted to “motivated and excited” to have extra client work to do.  30 minutes in, I was typing up a storm.  I stayed motivated and energized with a clear focus for 4 hours.  I had some deeper shoulder pain and some mid-back pain from a weekend filming on a documentary.  About 45 minutes after taking the capsule, I noticed the pain started to go away (If it was a level 5 pain, it went down to a level 2 pain). I didn’t expect this, but it makes sense as the body can absorb the full spectrum hemp extract quicker; delivering the deeper healing benefits into my worn human body.

I went to sleep that night with ease, no twisting and turning.  I woke up earlier than normal, feeling well rested.   And what was nice, is even though I woke up early, I was able to get myself back to sleep extremely easy. 

I think the final benefit of this pill is a good night sleep.  If you take this pill during the day, it helps relax and balance the body so you’re ready for sleep when the night time comes. 

Price: $83.99 for 30 capsules x 25 mg/each.  750 mg bottle.
Ingredients: Cold-pressed Hemp Juice Powder, Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Powder (modified food starch, full-spectrum co2 hemp extract, organic acacia fiber, xanthan gum)
Extraction Type: CO2 extracted, micro-encapsulated full spectrum hemp extract proprietary process
Company Type:  wellness centered water soluble hemp extract powder formulas.
Characteristics: quick absorption, calmness, pain relief, energy, motivation, affects last 3-4 hours
Average dose: 1 capsule is 25 mg.

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