Uncanny Wellness Balance Drink Blend with 10 mg of CBD per serving

The pomegranate flavor of this packet was sweet and floral. The feeling I got from this product was a pleasant mellow relaxation. I took it after a hard day of manual labor. It allowed me to focus, while soothing my aching muscles. This is a powerful and fast acting 10 mg supplement that could be taken anytime of day. There are a lot of other good herbs to help with the functionality of these packets.  The maca helps with muscle recovery and balancing energy levels.  The reishi mushrooms help boost the immune system.  The rhodiola helps boost energy and calm the body in the face of physical, chemical, and environmental stress.  The synergistic goal of the hemp extract powder and this blend of adaptogens is to balance the body in a conscious way.

There is 10 mg of CBD from water soluble full spectrum hemp extract powder in each serving, or individual packet.  The large containers have 30 x 10 milligram servings in each one.  300 mg of CBD in the large containers.  The drink blends come in 4 different flavors and feelings: Protect, Balance, Calm, and Relief.  Every flavor/feeling has a special blend of adaptogens to create the intended effect in you body.

I like that the product has a little sweetness to it, on account of the natural stevia used as the sweetner. This product is put through a micro-encapsulation process to make sure that it is absorbed more readily in the digestive tract. The CBD should be felt within 30 minutes of taking and should last for 2-4 hours. Check out Uncanny Wellness’s Hemp Extract Powder Capsules for higher dosages of water soluble CBD.

This product should be used by emptying the packet into a empty bottle and then add water and shake. I made the unfortunate mistake of trying to add it to a soda water can which made a foaming mess.

Click here to buy the Balance Blend directly from Uncanny Wellness.  Thank you for supporting hemp education.

Price: Average to above average. $38.99 for the large container with 300 mg.   $26.99 for 7 x 10 mg single serving packets.
Ingredients: Organic Pomegranate Juice Powder, Natural Pomegranate Flavor, Citric Acid, Organic Maca (Lepidium meyenii), Organic Rice Hull Concentrate, Organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), Organic Stevia, Fruit & Vegetable Juice (for color), Organic Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), Water-Soluble Hemp Extract Powder (modified food starch, full-spectrum CO2 hemp extract, organic acacia fiber, xanthan gum).
Extraction Type: water-soluble micro-encapsulated hemp powder (made from CO2 full spectrum hemp oil)
Company Type:  Colorado-based company, focusing on water soluble full spectrum hemp extract products
Characteristics: anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery, and immune boosting
Average dose:  1 serving is 10 mg.

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