UnCanny Wellness Water Soluble Hemp Extract Powder – 10 mg CBD per serving

I took one serving of CBD,  which is 10 mg of CBD, in a 8 ounce cappuccino. (2 shots of expresso with equal part foam and milk, totaling 8 ounces)  I drank this at 6 pm and the affects lasted till 9:30.

There is a synergistic effect when you take full spectrum hemp extract powder with food and drinks.  I will try sprinkling this on a mango, pineapples, a piece of pizza, and a salad.

The hemp extract powder tamed the brightness of the expresso, and my stomach was calmer than normal when I drink caffeine.  The effects hit in 5 minutes.  Extremely focusing, energizing, and strangely happy to be typing on a computer.  Which is an odd feeling, when you want to go hiking in the mountains. 

The water soluble full spectrum hemp extract with CBD definitely absorbs faster and you feel more of the energizing, calming, and focusing effects with less milligrams.  For example, 10 mg really feels like 20-30 mg of full spectrum hemp extract.  The effects of the water soluble hemp extract last 3-4 hours, where as a full spectrum hemp extract tincture might last 6-8 hours. 

This formula was a straight arrow of focus that kept me working and energized for 3 hours solid.  I didn’t take a break at all, I just did work the whole time.  This is great for students who need to focus.

Buy the Hemp Extract Powder directly from UnCanny Wellness.  Please share this review to help spread hemp education around the world.

The hemp extract powder is micro-encapsulated, making it easier for the body to absorb.  It’s like the hemp extract is pre-broken down by the micro-encapsulation process, so the body doesn’t have to break it down.  This makes the Uncanny Wellness’s formulas great for when you need the affects within 5 minutes deep in your body.  What’s nice about the hemp extract powder is you can take 5 mg or you can take 50 mg if you need the extra power to relieve symptoms.  Some women are finding that 50 mg of this formula is good for menstrual cramps and pain.

The Uncanny Wellness Hemp Extract Powder is a good tool to use, when you need the most out of every milligram of CBD rich full spectrum hemp extract.  If you’re used to taking hemp extract via tinctures or gel caps, you can take a lower dosage of the Hemp Extract Powder than your normal tincture or soft gel.  Simply, if you take a 25 mg hemp extract pill, then you might be able to take a 12 mg water soluble hemp powder extract and get similar benefits.  The body can process more of the CBD and other phytocanabinoids in the water soluble hemp powder than in tinctures or soft gel formulas. 

If you have deeper needs for a chronic condition, then some people have seen good results from mixing hemp extract powder and hemp tinctures in one dose, for a compound effect in the body.

This product is one of those special things you find every once in a blue moon.  This product is for hemp connoisseurs and hemp extract lovers who want an easy way to add CBD rich hemp extract into their meals and drinks.

Price: $96.00 for 100 x 10 mg servings.  Total servings 1000 mg.  Average to above average pricing.
Ingredients: Non-gmo Modified Food Starch, Industrial Hemp Extract, Organic Acacia Fiber, Non-gmo Xanthan Gum
Extraction Type: CO2 full spectrum hemp oil, micro encapsulated to make a water soluble powder that is easy for the body to absorb
Company Type:  Water soluble full spectrum hemp oil products.  Focused on nutrition and maximizing human performance
Characteristics: calming, relaxing, energizing, effects last 3-4 hours
Average dose:  100 mg is 10 mg of CBD. A special spoon comes with the jar to ensure accurate 10 mg doses.

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